The Mini Macaw necklace
The Mini Macaw necklace

The Mini Macaw necklace

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Length*width*height approximate: 2cm*1.4cm*2.3cm

Necklace material: 50 cm sterling silver necklace



-Each necklace is sold individually. 

-We love to share our lovely new baby with you guys. Every piece is fired for three times. This is a 100% Hand-made ceramic with hand-painted colorful design and real gold glaze details. One of a kind. Each item is unique. All ceramics are hand build and they may have imperfection.

-It will be packed with a gift box and ready for gifting. if the item is too large that may only wrapped with bubble wrap.


Caring and Handling:

-All the pieces are ceramic and breakable so they may not be suitable for children. 

-Please keep it away from water or chemical that may damage the ceramic and necklace. You may not wear it when you are doing exercise and sleeping. As it is painted with gold glaze and it is a think layer of glaze, you may clean it with soft sponge and no scrub. Please handle each piece carefully as they are breakable ceramic.




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